Corporate Profile

Commercial Tire of Louisiana


13950 Plank Road
Baker, Louisiana
Commercial Tire of Louisiana


April 1, 1994


Michael Bueche


Michael Bueche,
President and CEO


Baker, Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana

Hammond, Louisiana


58 - (As of May 1, 2009)

Service Trucks
Support Vehicles

22- Service Trucks
3- Delivery Trucks
3- Portable Presses

Outside Sales Representatives:


Baker/Baton Rouge


Mission, Vision & Values

Our goals at Commercial Tire of Louisiana

begins with highest quality service, products and technology - we respect the cultures and values and comply with the laws and regulations of the places where we operate. We are also working diligently to earn and maintain the trust of our customers, employees and communities. We continue to expand our service capabilities to address the ever changing tire and service industry. The expertise that is required now and in the future of tire applications is found at Commercial Tire.

Real Tire Repair Solutions

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what is to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today. That's what our vision is all about. It creates a long term destination for our business and provides us with a roadmap for winning together.

Commercial Tire is working to do things this way.

We believe in the goods we merchandise, in ourselves and in our ability to render satisfaction. We believe that honest goods can be sold to honest people by honest methods. We believe in today and the work that we are doing; in tomorrow in the work that we hope to do; and in the sure rewards the future holds. We believe in courtesy, kindness, generosity, friendship, and in honest competition.

Building Lasting Values - That's what Commercial Tire is all about!